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Cuvana Cocker Spaniels

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In Arnie's memory we are starting a working cocker line.
This is Razamataz - born 28 March 2015 (Foxjack Hera at Cuvana)
She is named in Arnie's memory.


Judy has two cocker spaniels.

Port who is a stunning Black and Tan and baby Ruby born April 2015

Ruby is the daughter of Scout who is owned by my Grandson - Judy's nephew Anthony.

We plan to mate Port to Ruby in 2018. 


Arnie was breeding, showing and judging cocker spaniels for over 50 years.  

His lines went back to Sixshot, Merrybourne, Colinwood, Broomleaf and Misbourne.

He was always happy to give advice on stud dogs and reputable breeders.

Arnold showing Kavora Copper King at Cuvana

Cuvana Hushed Whisper

Cuvana Hushed Whisper
She is most definitely one of my favourite breeding bitches.
Sadly no longer with us but will always be remembered



Woody has been an exceptional stud dog, siring many litters home and away, all with wonderful temperaments.


Cuvana Capstan (Woody)
My stud dog

Cuvana Pasquale