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Rosaleen Riona - CAZ

Caz born on 23rd May 2007
Mum Wherstead Siskin / Dad Cuvana Loutre de Mer



Relaxing with my Dad in October 2007


Having a rest after a hard day retrieving
with my Dad in October 2008.
Look how I have matured in the past year.


Teaching my nephew Czar to patiently wait while I am sent for a retrieve - May 2013

Caz retrieving hen pheasant


What a fantastic start to 2014 for our wonderful CAZ.
At Crufts in BASC Gamekeeper Any Variety Sporting Spaniel Bitch class with over 20 in the class she was placed 1st and awarded the Marsh Trophy.  Then went on to win the Team event and the Subara Trophy and then was awarded Best Working Bitch in 2013 at the Sporting Irish Water Spaniel AGM on 16 March 2014.


Our wonderful Caz with trophies she has won at working tests between October 2012 and July 2013.

October 2012 Best Novice IWS
July 2013 FIRST in Novice working test


Training for Demo

I have been invited by Inger to join her demo team which will be appearing at Cowden in June and Paws in the Park in September.
We have just started training and this is the first time that I have worked Caz and Czar together and was very pleased with how they behaved.


April and May Shows

Have attended 3 shows:-
WELKS - where Caz was 3rd.
South of England Gundog where Caz was Best of Breed.
South of England Agricultural Society where
Caz won Best AV Gundog.
so all in all a very pleasing result.


SIWSC Training Weekend - March 2013

Back to training now and very pleased with how Caz coped with walk-up as she tends to freeze on the spot but after a bit of encouragement she walked forward every time and did some nice retrieves.


Crufts 2013

Had a great day at Crufts with our wonderful little Caz getting 2nd in Gamekeeper Sporting Spaniel class.  It was a big class and she was up against Clumber spaniels, American and English Cocker Spaniels, Field and Sussex Spaniels, Welsh Springer Spaniels and it was nice to see another Irish Water Spaniel in the class as well.
Caz also got a 1st in Special Working and Good Citizen in the breed classes and our little boy Czar got 3rd in Puppy class which means he has already qualified for Crufts 2014.

Now have to get back to working gundog training!!


January 2013

Caz is having a fantastic season picking up and it is an absolute pleasure and joy to watch her working.  She even found time to give this pheasant a swimming lesson!!

More shoot pictures


October 2012

SIWSC AV Retriever Test - Sunday 7th October

Clever Caz ran extremely well in 3 out of the 4 tests and was awarded the Danny Boy Trophy for IWS with highest point score in Novice.

Chillington 2012
Pic courtesy of Neil Rice

Chillington 2012

The Chillington weekend scheduled for July was postponed due to the weather and rescheduled for just one day on Sunday 26 August.

Ran Caz in the Novice and was very pleased with how she ran and thrilled when she was awarded 3rd place.

Caz - Crufts 2012
Pic courtesy of Neil Rice


Caz had a very successful day and did us and her Dad proud.
In the Breed classes she was placed 2nd in Limit Bitch,
1st in Working Bitch and 1st in Good Citizen Bitch.

In the Gamekeeper Sporting Spaniel class she was placed 3rd.

Whilst we were there we had her eyes tested and pleased to report that she passed eye test.


2011 has not been an easy year with Arnie being so ill, then the loss of Zac and our little Caz so lost without her Dad and it has been encouraging to see her come back to life, firstly when she started picking up in October slowly gaining in confidence as each week went on and then on December 10 at LKA Championship Show not only did she win Limit class she went on to win the Reserve ticket.
We were so thrilled that at last this year we had something to cheer about.  THANKYOU CAZ



Caz is thoroughly enjoying herself picking up on local shoots three times a week.

Caz retrieving game for the first time
Feb 2009

January - February A quiet start to the year with just a little bit of working training and Caz was introduced to picking up game which after a little encouragement she coped with very well.

Caz retrieving hen pheasant


Caz returning from successful retrieve
Chillington 2008

Caz being sent for a retrieve
Chillington 2008

Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Working Tests
Chillington Hall 2008
This was Caz's first attempt at working tests and we were extremely pleased with how she performed and very proud when she was placed 2nd in the Unlimited and Puppy 12-18 months.
(Pictures courtesy of Nick Ridley)

Caz retrieving