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News 2010 to 2014


IWSA Championship show
Saturday 26 July

We have not been able to attend this show for the past few years as it has clashed with the CLA so it was a real pleasure for us.
Czar was placed 2nd in Special Working, being beaten by Merlin and Caz was placed 2nd in Veteran and 1st in Special Working and was then awarded the trophy for Working Dog with highest placed win in a working test.




CLA 19 - 20 July 2014
held at Blenheim Palace

We arrived to set up camp on Thursday 18 July in sweltering temperatures. On both Thursday and Friday night we had lightening and thunder but the days were very hot and humid.  We were doing two demos a day and it was a mile walk to the working gundog arena so main concern was keeping the dogs cool and hydrated.  The IWS team were brilliant in spite of the weather conditions.




Our chillington weekend was on 5th & 6th July with training on 5th and working tests of 6th.

We had a great weekend with Czar scoring 84 out of 100 in Novice and being awarded a COM and Judy with Quill scoring 92 out 100 being awarded 2nd and the Rockmoor Challenge Trophy for best overall dog.





MAY 2014

At the Bath Championship show on May 24th, Czar (Turnervale Czar at Cuvana) thrilled us by being awarded 1st in Postgraduate and then going on to win Best Dog overall. 
He is a truly dual purpose Irish Water Spaniel

Czar in the scurry at Paws in the Park, showing he can do it too!

Wonderful Caz performing beautifully at Spring Paws in the Park which was held at the South of England Showground on 17 & 18 May.





At the Sporting Irish Water Spaniel AGM on 16 March, our wonderful Caz was awarded Best Bitch for 2013.  Since July 2013 she has won Novice Test, Best Sporting Spaniel Bitch at Crufts, Best Picking up Team at Crufts and now Best Working Bitch.  We are thrilled.



At the Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club AGM on Sunday 16 March, we were very proud when Czar was awarded Best Puppy for 2013.  He has now won a total of 4 trophies in working and showing since July 2013.


Crufts 2014
What a fantastic day the Hempstead Family had at Crufts.
It started with Judy and Quill winning Sporting Spaniel Dog in BASC Gamekeeper Class and being awarded the Sportsman Game Feeds Trophy.
Sue and Caz then completed the double by winning the Sporting Spaniel Bitch in BASC Gamekeeper Class and were awarded the Marsh Trophy.
Oscar and Quill were then placed 4th in BASC Gamekeeper Junior Handler competition.
Then to finish the day in style Sue and Czar, Arnie and Caz, Judy and Quill won the BASC Regional Working Gundog Team and were awarded the Subura Trophy for best picking up team.

In 2010 Sue and Judy won Sporting Spaniel Dog and Bitch with Zac and Brise so it was a very special to win again with Zac's son and daughter.

The three judges were Mrs C Wilson, Mrs D Stevens and Mr T Bailey.


SIWSC AV Retriever Test - 6 October
Absolutely thrilled with how well Czar ran against other IWS and Labradors over 5 demanding tests - he was 4th overall and won trophy for best IWS Puppy




Chillington 2013
What a fantastic weekend! 
Caz and Czar did ZAC
their Dad and Grandad proud.
Czar won Puppy working test and Caz won Novice working test - it was all very emotional as it was the second anniversary of our beloved Zac being put to sleep.



Windsor Championship Show 2013

Our darling Caz showed her little socks off to get 2nd in Limit and the Stanegate bitch that beat her went on to win Best of Breed and Group 1 in Gundog.
Caz seems to have come into her own this year and is showing and working beautifully.


SIWSC Training Day - 1st June 2013


Worked Caz in the afternoon and very pleased with how she ran.  She did a lovely water retrieve and then we finished with a very long walk-up and she marked well and did some lovely retrieves.




Pictures show Czar in walk-up (his first) and retrieving from long grass which meant he had to use his nose and hunt.  Very pleased with how he behaved and thrilled with his heel work in walk-up



Love is sharing

May 25 and 26
Had a fantastic weekend, first at the Bath Championship show where Caz won Open Bitch and then went on to win the challenge and Czar was second in Junior and also completed his Bronze Good Citizen. 

Then went on to Somerset for Nicki's birthday and some quality family time.






2 Open shows attended in April and May

South of England Gundog where Caz got 1st in Open and Best of Breed
and South of England Agricultural Society where Caz again was 1st in Open and then awarded Best AV Gundog.
Czar showed beautifully and was placed 3rd in Junior.
Ants showed Caz beautifully in Junior Handling

Caz - Malvern

WELKS Championship Show, Malvern
Friday 26 April

A lovely day out and very pleased with Czar who was second in Junior and dog that beat him went on to be awarded CC and Best of Breed.  Caz was 3rd in Limit and again the bitch that beat her went on to be awarded CC.

On Sunday we went to an Open show and we were thrilled when Caz went Best of Breed.

Czar - Malvern

Swimming training

Swimming training

On Saturday we went to Isle of Sheppey for a puppy training day with Dan Higgs - it was very challenging and the puppies were doing long retrieves over water. Unfortunately Czar must have overdone it because on Saturday night his tail went cold and dead so we could not show him at show on Sunday.  His tail is slowly coming back to life.


Easter Training Weekend
Moorwood Farm,
Bruton, Somerset
Despite the very cold weather we had a great time at the training weekend in Somerset.  Did Novice training with Czar Saturday and Sunday morning and Open training with Caz Saturday afternoon.
Sunday afternoon entered Czar in a little Novice test and was thrilled when he was placed 4th.



Crufts 2013

Had a great day at Crufts with our wonderful little Caz getting 2nd in Gamekeeper Sporting Spaniel class.  It was a big class and she was up against Clumber spaniels, American and English Cocker Spaniels, Field and Sussex Spaniels, Welsh Springer Spaniels and it was nice to see another Irish Water Spaniel in the class as well.
Caz also got a 1st in Special Working and Good Citizen in the breed classes and our little boy Czar got 3rd in Puppy class which means he has already qualified for Crufts 2014.

Now have to get back to working gundog training!!



Organised the AV Retriever test for SIWSC, which was held on Sundary 7 October at Broad Oak Farm by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Dawson.  We had 60+ entrants and I also ran Caz and was thrilled when she won the Danny Boy Trophy for IWS winning most points in Novice. The weather was very kind to us and the day was a complete success.



Clever Czar at just 6 months old doing his first water retrieve.


September 2nd 2012
I am so proud of my wonderful Caz.  Ran her in UGS Novice test today - there were 4 tests and she was running beautifully, 20 out of 20 for mark and blind, 17 for long retrieve in water test, 16 for 2 blinds with no shot and then unfortunately last test was a walk-up and once again she totally froze and would not walk forward so got a 0.  All the same I was very proud of her and will do my utmost to sort walk-up problem out.


Picture courtesy of Neil Rice

The Chillington weekend postponed in July was rescheduled to run on just one day Sunday 26 August. It meant a very early start to be there for 9am but we were thrilled when Caz was placed 3rd in Novice. Had to withdraw her from Open as it was all walk-up and Caz just freezes in walk-ups and won't move.  Czar had a lovely day too as 5 of his brothers and sisters were there and they all had a lovely time playing and swimming.

Picture courtesy of Neil Rice


Both Caz and Czar appeared in gundog demo at the Rye show.  Czar coped very well doing his first demo showing a beautiful sit and stay, walk to heel, and a retrieve.  The day was very hot so when we had finished we went to the beach and Czar had his first swim joined by Caz, Quill, Oscar and Skya.




Due to incessant rain all July events have been cancelled, including our Breed Confined weekend and the CLA Gamefair so only thing to report is that Caz is featured in July edition of Crufts Magazine.  Pictures were taken at a training day with Dan Higgs and are by courtesy of Gary Eastwood.
For details of magazine visit





June 2012
Windsor Championship show

Our wonderful Caz was an absolute star and was placed 1st in Limit Bitch by Martyn Ford. 

Just so Czar did not feel left out, as he had been left home alone, Caz got him a little toy which he really loves.



Kingston Maurwood - June 2012
The Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club were invited back again this year to do water demos at the College Open Day.  This year we were blessed with nice weather and the Irish Water Spaniels in attendance, Classic, Quill, Gus and Caz put on a good demonstration of water retrieving.  We were also invited to do a demo in the main arena and young Czar at 10 weeks old made his first entrance in a demo showing how he could sit, stay and do recall.

Click here for pictures


June 2012
Czar arrives.
Our little boy was born on 9th April 2012 and we are very excited to finally have him home.


May 2012

Due to incessant rain quite a few events where we were due to do gundog demos have been cancelled or postponed.

We did attend the South of England Gundog Open Show and were thrilled when Caz was placed 1st in Open and then awarded Best of Breed. 

We had also entered the Any Variety Working Gundog class and once again were thrilled when Caz was placed 1st and then just to top off the day Caz in the challenge was awarded Best Any Variety Gundog - what a wonderful day.

April 2012
Caz came into season on19th March and we had hoped to get her mated but it did not work out so will try again next season.  Consequently we have not done much in April.  We did attend SIWSC training weekend in Somerset but only to help and watch as although Caz was at end of season she still had her head in the clouds and preferred to just pose in the bluebells - hormones!. Got back to proper training mid to late April and on 21st April whilst training with Higgscroft Gundogs we were photographed by a Kennel Club representative so fingers crossed we might be featured in Kennel Club magazine.



March 2012

Pleased to report that both Judy and I had a successful time at Crufts.

It was quite emotional for both of us as we arrived at Crufts without Zac and Brise but Caz and Quill did us proud.

Caz was placed 3rd in Gamekeeper Sporting Spaniel Bitch class and in the Breed classes she was placed 2nd in Limit, 1st in Working and 1st in Good Citizen.

Picture on left courtesy of Neil Rice


Quill did Judy proud by following in his Dad's footsteps and winning Gamekeeper Sporting Spaniel Dog.
In the Breed class he won his Junior class and then had to rush back to Gamekeeper ring for Junior Handler class with Oscar and we are very proud to report that Oscar came 6th.

For more pictures of Crufts click here



February 2012
We were approached by Naturally Happy Online Dog Magazine who are in the process of filming each breed so that people can go online and and learn about all the different breeds and what specific traits or needs they may have and also see a video of each particular breed. They are starting with the minority breeds and fortunately the filming date for Irish Water Spaniels coincided with Judy's birthday so she was visiting for the weekend which meant they could film both Caz and Quill happily playing and even better I could let Judy do all the talking.


January 2012

Caz has had a fantastic season picking up on 4 different shoots in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. It was wonderful watching her grow in confidence and by the end of the season doing very long difficult retrieves.  She made every shoot enjoyable and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Click for more pictures of Caz on shoots


December 2011

CAZ wins RCC at LKA

We were absolutely thrilled when our little girl was placed 1st in Limit Bitch at LKA Championship show at the NEC on December 10th.  Caz was also placed 1st in Good Citizen Bitch and then when we entered the Challenge she won the RCC - we were so excited and both Arnie and Judy were very emotional.  Debbie Robinson was also there to witness the event and she also was very emotional and thrilled for us. The win was very satisfying as only a few days before the show Caz had been out picking up on a shoot, then a thorough bath and trim and off we went to the show.


PUP AID 2010
This was a charity and celebrity event held at Stanmer House in Brighton on September 19th. The Sporting Irish Water Spaniel club attended with 8 Irish Water Spaniels and did two parades in the arena and spent rest of time promoting the breed to the attending public.

For further pictures of this event please click here

Championship Show 2010

April to July
Have been to a few shows with both Caz and Zac, Zac was placed 2nd at WELKS in April and Caz was 3rd, Caz was then placed 1st at Windsor in July. Zac was placed 2nd at Championship Show in July and Caz won trophy for Irish Water Spaniel with most natural coat.  Brise was placed 1st and Judy also won Best Brace with both Zac and Brise, we also won best team with Zac, Brise and Caz and then Oscar was 3rd in Junior Handler with Caz, so a very good day all round for the Cuvana's.

Chillington was a successful weekend with Zac being placed 3rd in Open Water Test on Saturday and 2nd in Open Working Test on Sunday.  Brise was placed in Novice Water Test on Saturday and on Sunday WON the Novice Working Test and got a COM in the Open Working Test.

We have done various demos with Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club which have been very successful and Zac has been entered in a few AV Open Working Tests and performed well and our granddaughter Jessica ran him in a Junior Handler Working Test and scored an impressive 85 out of 100.  WELL DONE JESSICA

For more pictures click here

Chillington 2010
Caz at Championship Show
Chillington 2010
Oscar and Caz
Jessica and Zac
Sue and Zac
Crufts 2010

What a fantastic day for the
Cuvana Irish Water Spaniels
Judy and Sue were entitled to enter the Gamekeeper classes as their dogs had worked on shoots in 2009 / 2010.

Zac was placed 1st and Best Dog in AV Sporting Spaniel and was awarded the Sportsman Game Feeds Trophy

Brise was placed 1st and Best Bitch in AV Sporting Spaniel and awarded the Marsh Trophy

For more pictures click here

Brise & Zac
Crufts 2010

3 generations of Cuvana's
Mother, daughter, grandaughter

Championship Show-18&19 July
This was a very special weekend as the show was held at Kitebrook House and we have a picture of Judy showing there back in 1986. 
On Saturday Zac was placed 2nd in Limit and 1st in Good Citizen dog.  Caz was 1st in Postgraduate, 1st in Good Citizen bitch and won the trophy for Best Postgraduate IWS.  Judy was placed 1st in Brace with Zac and Brise.  Oscar then put in a very creditable performance in Junior Handler with Brise.  On Sunday Judy and Sue did a Gundog demo and afterwards invited people to have a go, unfortunately the weather was against them but they still managed to put on a good show.

Oscar with Brise
Junior Handler class

Arnie & Judy
with birthday cake

Chillington Hall - 11 & 12 July
Another wonderful social weekend at Chillington Hall.  Weather a bit miserable Saturday night but did not spoil hog roast and birthday celebrations.
After all the hard work of running in tests for two days, Zac, Caz and Brise enjoyed some chill time swimming and playing in the lake.