Cuvana whiptails

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Cuvana Irish Water Spaniels bred for temperament, work & show

MALACHI - Diddymowg Turquoise Storm at Cuvana


ANOUSHKA - Nyllaup Star Anise at Cuvana



QUILL -Goldenacre Sea Rider at Cuvana


EIDER - Irish Eider at Cuvana


Wren - Diddymowg Sweet Gingrbread @ Cuvana

Cuvana Loutre de Mer
ZAC sadly no longer with us

Rosaleen Riona at Cuvana
CAZ - sadly no longer with us

Cuvana Brise de Mer
BRISE sadly no longer with us

Turnervale Czar at Cuvana
CZAR sadly no longer with us

Cuboglach Heath Rustic sadly no longer with us


Meet Anoushka born 9 June 2015
(Nyllaup Star Anise at Cuvana)


Hips 4:6

Elbows 0

Eyes Clear 

Anoushka gave birth to 9 puppies on 28th December 2018


Meet Malachi born 15 March 2015 (Diddymowg Turquoise Storm at Cuvana)


Hips 5:5

Elbows 0

Eyes Clear 

Malachi and Anoushka

Malachi and Anoushka are both successfully picking up on shoots
and also doing well in the show world. Both have gained Best of Breed in 2017.

Anoushka was successfully mated to Quill October 2018 and puppies are due end of December 2018.



 Zac sired 4 litters and from his first litter I kept a little girl who I called Caz.
Caz (Rosaleen Riona at Cuvana) was born 23rd May 2007
Hip score 4/7 
Caz is following in her Dad's footsteps and has won 1st at every Cruft she has been entered in and won the RCC at LKA in 2011. She has been placed 1st and 2nd in various working tests and has been picking up on shoots since she was 2 years old.  She is a very happy little girl with a wonderful temperament and we love her too bits.
Judy kept a boy from his last litter which she called Quill - Goldenacre Sea Rider at Cuvana. 
He has done very well in both the showing and working world and in 2015 was awarded a CC at Windsor.
Results of health screening:  Hips 7:4 Elbows 1. Eyes clear
Quill has sired 2 litters each with 9 puppies. Judy has kept a puppy from both litters Eider and Wren
Both Caz and Quill are fantastic working dogs picking up 3 to 4 times a weeks on shoots 



Zac being sent for a blind
Pic courtesy of Nick Ridley

Successful retrieve
Pic courtesy of Nick Ridley

Zac being sent for a blind retrieve in the Open Working Test at Chillington Hall, July 2008.  Successfully retrieved and gained top marks.  Days like this makes all the hard work and training put in worthwhile.

Judy showing her first IWS
13 years old

In partnership with his daughter Judy, Arnie Hempstead bred Irish Water Spaniels.  He purchased an IWS for Judy on her 13th birthday and so the love for IWS began. The Cuvana line started with - Cuboglach Heath Rustic(Flo) - who sadly passed away aged 13 years old in June 2010.

Cuboglach Heath Rustic sadly no longer with us

Judy successfully showed and worked 'Flo' and also bred two litters from her.  From her first litter she kept a dog (Reg) who has done very well in the showing world.  From her second litter, born January 2005 Judy kept a bitch (Brise) and my partner Sue and I kept a dog (Zac).

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